What is a Lutheran?

our God is willing to reveal things to us. The long story of the relationship between God and creation isn’t a secret. We can know that story through the Judeo-Christian Scriptures. We believe that the Bible is the word of God, even though it is at the same time a collection of history, poetry, stories and letters written by many people over many centuries. Some of it is literal, other’s allegorical, some things are meant for inspiration and others to help counsel and give direction.

the Scriptures  reveals to us God’s love and mercy for the created world, even when sin creeps into the world and humans rebel against God. This message of love and mercy is called the gospel.

scripture is the guide for Christian life, and the gospel is the lens for interpreting that scripture. Some parts of scripture have more authority as other parts, because they convey that gospel message of grace, love and mercy. We are grounded in scripture and consider the gospel message in making everyday decisions and dealing with modern situations.

we are reborn in Holy Baptism, often as infants, but increasingly we find more and more adults new to the faith. We say that our old selves are drowned in the waters of baptism, and we rise up with Christ as new, reborn people. We believe that we need to remember that baptism every day, as we confess our sins to God, ask for forgiveness, and experience that cleansing and rebirth that we need so often. Lutherans offer the Sacrament of Absolution that follows private Confession.

God continues to reconcile with us because God is gracious, not because of our good behavior. This new life of living reconciled with God leads us to a new and better way of life in this world, as well as to life after death. We should live just as fully in this life as in the life to come, living lives that reflect God’s justice and mercy in the midst of a broken world. In other words, we become as “little Christ’s” to a world who might otherwise never see God.

…God strengthens us in worship through Word and the Lord’s Supper during Mass.   We gather using an ancient form dressed in chant, old and new settings of canticles and hymns, with preaching that’s alive and meaningful for our modern times, and we pray so that as we are fed and nourished by God, we can be the best examples of disciples of Jesus.

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