Welcome to Shepherd’s Heart!

We’re a Lutheran storefront ministry on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

Shepherd’s Heart is a Christian ministry center reaching all to all persons, regardless of where they are on their personal faith journey. Shepherd’s Heart began on March 1, 2020 as the Covid-19 pandemic became an issue for Chicago. Initiated by Saint James Lutheran Church, Shepherd’s Heart has an obvious Lutheran ethos. Lutherans are catholic Christians who believe in Jesus Christ as revealed in the Holy Scriptures and as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed.  We believe Holy Scripture to be the Word of God.  Through faith in Christ, a new life begins in us.  Our faith is nourished by the means of God’s grace through Word and Sacraments.  Lutherans believe that faith is the essential part of salvation.

Lutherans practice a liturgical form of worship because through this means we share in the experiences of the family of Christian worshippers of all ages.  At Shepherd’s Heart, we participate in three sacraments.  The Lord’s Supper, (also called The Mass, The Holy Eucharist, and Sacrament of the Altar) is an encounter of the believer with the Living Lord, who is truly present in, through and under the elements of bread and wine in the Holy Communion.  In this sacrament, the believer’s sins are forgiven and their faith renewed.  Baptism is the beginning of a life in faith, in which a person is born into the Kingdom of God and become an heir of salvation.   Confirmation is the rite in which the baptized Christians affirm their faith in the Triune God and take responsibility for their faith.  Private Confession & Absolution, referred to by Lutherans as the “third sacrament”, is available by appointment with a pastor for those who are troubled by specific sinfulness.

We also affirm Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Unction, Ordination and Religious Orders.  Lutherans identify with: GRACE ALONEFAITH ALONEWORD ALONE.  For more information, check out our church-wide web  page:   ELCA.org

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