Radio Free Catholic: Unity – Myth or Possibility?

We would like to announce the new broadcast of Radio Free Catholic on Blogtalk Radio.

Pull up a chair, sit down, lean back, relax, and listen. Join us for discussions on the autocephalous sacramental movement and what it means to be a free catholic. Engage your mind with lively discussions in theology. Feed your soul with times of prayer. Celebrate your spiritual side through an exploration of mysticism. Lighten your heart with good conversation and find a friend here at Radio Free Catholic! Radio Free Catholic is an outreach ministry of the Ecumenical Free Catholic Communion. We are a communion of individual Christians from the autocephalous sacramental movement, sometimes referred to as Old Catholics or Independent Catholics. We have come together with at least one unifying motive, a love for Christ, His Church, and the Sacraments. Good listening!

Fr. Robert-Christopher of the Order of the Shepherd’s Heart will co-host the show with Abbot-Bishop Brian Brown. Our first new show will broadcast Monday night (01/25/2010) at 10 pm central time. Here are the particulars:

Radio Free Catholic on Blogtalk Radio

The topic is: Unity – Myth or Possibility?

“In this show Abbot Brian Brown and Fr. Robert Christopher will be interviewing various members of the Ecumenical Free Catholic Communion and autocephalous sacramental community at large, asking the question that continues to haunt the movement as a whole and the EFCC directly, is unity a dreamy myth or an illusive possibility?”

The time is 10pm central time and the call in number is (347) 633-9741

Every one is invited to call in, listen in, and or participate as you wish. There will be a chat room available at the website above for those who are shy about calling in. We hope to have a good show and if not, at least we’ll have a lot of fun doing it!