The Prayer of Shepherd’s Heart

Father Almighty, God most high, God of hosts, Lord of the world, invisible, incorruptible, immortal, perfect, and merciful; God of the earth, of fire, of the waters, of the great winds, of the shining stars; God who made the world: Draw near and bend down to hear the prayers of your children.

In the shelter of your anointed Son, help us to be orderly, cheerful, and polite, civil, sensible, and honorable, quiet and discreet, generous, welcoming, and friendly, open-handed, truly loving, and full of humanity.

Help us to be willing, worthy, and respectful; and let us be outstanding for kindness and mercy, ministering to the poor and those in prison, for the harvest is ripe and ready for us to reap it.

Give us the purity of an angel and the chastity of a maiden, the simplicity of a dove and the cunning of a serpent, sweet humility and precious lowliness, and the spirit of the apostles on fire in our souls.

Give to us the patience of Job prepared for hardship, the joy of achieving peace, prudence, tranquillity, and mildness, for these are the fruits of our flowers in the gap of danger.

Grant us courage to build our community in love, that we might become your bride, sustained by the sweet wine of your passion, and fed by the fullness of your Incarnation. Let our Order reflect your Divine Peace and may our Rule be our life’s measure of your Divine Plan.

High King of Heaven, give judgment in our favor and moisten our eyes with the continuing stream of your grace, that the Holy Spirit might dwell in us, and the sweet Name of Jesus be written graciously in the center of our hearts.

This we ask in that same dear Name, for ever and always.