Saint Willibrord of Northumbria

St. Willibrord of Northumbria, Apostle to Friesland, Bishop Born in Northumbria, Britain, 658; died in Echternach, Luxembourg, 739. His name indicates that he is of Saxon lineage (‘Willi’ is a great god of Norse mythology; ‘brord’ indicates ‘under the protection of’). Willibrord, first Archbishop of Utrecht, is one of the missionaries sent out by the […]

Saint Gwyddfarch

St. Gwyddfarch, Hermit of Moel yr Ancr, Wales A number of ascetics chose the tops of hills. One such was the hermit and monastic founder St Gwyddfarch. We know little about his early life beyond the fact that he was part of the community founded by his spiritual father, St Llywelyn at Trallwng (Tre = […]

Saint Vulganius of Arras

St. Vulganius (Wulganus, Vulmar) of Arras, Hermit – November 3 Died c. 704. Saint Vulganius was an Irishman, Welshman, or Englishman (according to a manuscript at Lens he was born at Canterbury) who crossed over to France and evangelized the Atrebati. Finally he lived as a hermit at Arras, under the obedience of the abbot […]

Saint Gwenvrewi of Holywell

St. Gwenvrewi of Holywell, Abbess of Denbighshire, Wales – November 3 (Winefride, Winifred, Winefride, Wenefrida, Gwenfrewi, Guinevra) Died c. 680. Winifred is evidently an historical personage, but it is equally true that her true story can no longer be reconstructed because the written information is too late to be reliable. Winefred was the daughter of […]