Litany for Peace

Lord, Heavenly Father help us to become peacemakers, that we may be called, “The Children of God” Lord, hear out prayer, and grant us Thy peace. Lord, Heavenly Father, help us purge ourselves of those attributes which make not for peace but which set the stage for war. Lord hear our prayer, and grant us […]

Celtic Litany for Peace

Let us pray to the Lord, saying, Lord have mercy. For the peace from above, and for tranquility in our time for the Holy Catholic Church, that she may reach to the ends of the earth, let us pray to the Lord, Lord, have mercy. That God may soon manifest his Kingdom of peace, where […]

The Prayer of Shepherd’s Heart

Father Almighty, God most high, God of hosts, Lord of the world, invisible, incorruptible, immortal, perfect, and merciful; God of the earth, of fire, of the waters, of the great winds, of the shining stars; God who made the world: Draw near and bend down to hear the prayers of your children. In the shelter […]